sigla_mica_micaThe Association of Târgoviste and Dâmbovita Inhabitants

I. Introduction
The Association of Târgoviste and Dâmbovita Inhabitants has been founded by the free will of its members as a Romanian non-profit, non-governmental, apolitical and non-religious legal body. It has been designed as a culture, art and history association on the basis of the governmental ordinance no. 26/2000 modified and supplemented by the law no. 246/2005.

II. Identification data
Attestation certificate: 3/I/A/2008
Fiscal registration certificate: Series A, No. 0118014
Fiscal registration code: 23905971 of 20, 2008-05-20
Banca Transilvania, Târgoviste branch
Account number: 251101010166G71091 / IBAN RO95BTRL01601206G71091

III. The aim and goals of the association
– The study, protection, conservation and restoration of sites included in the national cultural and historical patrimony and their tourist promotion;
– The publication of articles, encyclopedias, monographs, books and journals;
– The organization of cultural and historical shows and exhibitions;
– The creation of new museums, memorial houses, historical – cultural centers, and the offering of assistance to the existing ones in order to apply for grants;
– The granting of support to young Dâmbovita historians in order to gain stipends and undertake specialized studies abroad;
– The granting of specialized consultancy to producers and handicraftsmen who create objects with ethnographic and historical symbolistic;
– The granting of consultancy, the drawing of projects and the providing of project management to eligible beneficiaries within the Regional Operational Program and DMI 5.1/5.2/5.3.
– The tourist promotion and the popularization of the historical, art and natural monument and their management;
– The organization and/or participation in cultural and scientific manifestations: conferences, congresses, historical circles, seminars, exhibitions etc.

IV. The members of the association
Member of the association can be, upon submitting an application, any physical and juridical person who shares in the goals of the association fulfilling the entry cumulative conditions as set in the inner regulation of the body and is eager by its activity to contribute to the achievement of the aims of the association.
Currently, the association has a membership of 27, especially university professors, specialists and experts accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Cults, plastic artists, theatre and movie directors, historians, architects, economists, engineers, jurists.

V. Projects
The main projects the association has planned to address in 2008/2009 are as follows:
a. The restoration of the Brancovan Palace of Potlogi (Dâmbovita County);
b. The restoration of the medieval fortifications of Târgoviste;
c. The organization of a medieval festival in Târgoviste;
d. The writing and publication of a tourist guide of the historical monuments of Dâmbovita County;
e. In partnership with the Department of History of Valahia University of Târgoviste we are planning to organize courses and workshops for the qualification of young students in various areas of historical monuments restoration to be taught by specialists from Romania and particularly from European countries with rich traditions in this field;
f. The construction in the neighborhood of Târgoviste, as a tourist attraction, a medieval site where periodically various kinds of cultural events such as festivals, art exhibitions, objects, medieval furniture, light and sound shows, theatre and movie shows will be organized.

VI. Other activities undertaken by the association
1. The drawing up of a comparative study of the international and national jurisprudence concerning the research, salvation, protection, conservation and restoration of the cultural patrimony;
2. The presentation of proposals envisaging the modification of governmental ordinances and decisions impacting on the restoration of historical monuments such as:
a. the modification of the common decision of the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing and the Ministry of Economy and Finance no. 144/580/2008 regarding the approval of the categories of eligible expenses for the major field of intervention ‘The durable restoration and capitalization of the cultural patrimony and the creation/modernization of neighboring infrastructure’ within the priority axis 5; the sustainable development and the promotion of tourism within the Regional Operational Program 2007 – 2013 (this modification was published in the Official Monitor, first part, no. 670/2008-09-29).
b. The modification of the decision of the Ministry of Culture and Cults no. 2220 regarding the procedures of attestation and registering in the Economic operators in the field of protection of historical monuments register (now in process of being published in the Official Monitor).

The organizational structure of the Association of Târgoviste and Dâmbovita Inhabitants is attached to this document.

Mihai Oproiu

Deputy Chairman,
Liviu Berbece